The bones of what we believe.

Casa Manta rests on the artistic conceptions derived from our design languages and sentimental poetries. By which, we reimagine the relationship between individuals & sensibility, sensibility & nature, exploit their subtle bonds as our inspirations.

We view art as a remedy for reconstructing people's spiritual wellbeing. No matter you are an aesthete or an art-curious, your consciousness will conduct sentimental rendition when fathoming our artistic conception rendered.

"Everyone is an artist", the genuine voice of Joseph Beuys, is also our devout belief.


We were doomed to be alone.

In the river of contemporary aesthetics, we feel like a floating feather, being repressed and pushed aside by the surging mainstream. We are fed on crystal-clear drips but choked by the lifelessness; we used to look up to the sole star at night in tears, just to amplify the shimmer for some comfort.

But this serene solitude did not bring us nothing - we buried the hatchet with the mountainous sorrow, and let the spirits of nature soak in our subconscious. We meditated, gently savored the harmony and profound bonds the nature rendered; we forged, in the state of mind, twisted silver metals into silhouettes of beings and injected them with every wisp of reiki we dipped from nature.

If you are reading through this, we know this solitude is no longer intimidating.

Could it be your Renaissance?